1992              Born Ipswich, Suffolk
1992 - 1999     Early years in Melbourne, Australia
2003 - 2010  Thomas Mills High School, Suffolk
2008 - 2020     Morley College, London
2012-13           The Prince’s Drawing School, London

Selected Exhibitions
December 2011 - Peter Pears Gallery - Aldeburgh
March 2012 - Shoreditch Studios - London
April 2012 - 2019 (annual exhibition) - Alde Valley Spring Festival (Group Exhibition) - Glemham
Sept-January 2013 - Kensington Place - London
May-June 2013 - Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Exhibition, Morley Gallery (Group Exhibition) -London
August 2013 - Presteigne Festival, The Workhouse Gallery, Presteigne - Wales
October 2017 - Flipside - The Dovecote, Snape Maltings, Snape - Suffolk
Sept 2018 - The Art of the Tree by the Arborealists-East - Flatford Mill
Sept 2018 - The Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition - Mall Galleries, London
Dec - April - Women 100 (Group Exhibition) - Ipswich
April 2019 - DEVOUR - Gallery@oxo, South Bank, London
June 2019 - The English Garden - Somerleyton Hall
Oct 2019 - Art for Cure (Group Exhibition) - Bankside Gallery, London
April 2022 - BURN - Noho Studios, London 
Oct 2022 - Landscape Rebels (Group Exhibition) - Christchurch Mansion, Ipwich

Nov 2023 - Be Nice - Noho Studios (Group Exhibition), London
Mar 2024 - Teacher (Group Exhibition) - Morley Gallery, London

Other Work 

Ed Sheeran Album Cover - Subtract

Brazil (2015 & 2016)
Cumbria (2013)
Snape Maltings, Suffolk (2014)
Hedgehut Residency, Suffolk (2016)
Sri Lanka (2015)


‘Jelly Green has already established herself as a young painter of distinction. In these new paintings she reveals the beauty and responds to the mystery of the rainforest but equally confronts the horror of its destruction’ - Maggi Hambling 2019

'...just oil paint doing what oil should: twisting itself into the contours of its subject, becoming  leaves, vines, fire and sky. There’s a desperate message behind Jelly’s work – we’re chopping the rainforest down at a terrifying rate — but even so the paintings feel like a celebration of the jungle in all its claustrophobic enormity. If you can, buy one. Otherwise go and soak up the richness of these paeans to the natural world.' - Spectator Life, 2019

'Jelly has creative energy in every fibre of her being. She is poised on the brink of everything with an incredible portfolio already behind her', Christie’s Magazine, 2013

Jelly currently has work available at:

The Rowley Gallery, Kensington, London

Branch Arts